Race on Sunday (3/11) going ahead

Some eventful racing today with plenty of capsizes but good fun nevertheless. Pretty strong gusts and some nice surfing towards Hammersmith.

Congrats to Dennis Long for being the only one who finished the race without going for a swim. Well done!

Tomorrow is a tricky one. Wind is forecast to be even stronger but it’s going to be sunny as well. For now the plan is to go ahead with the race. We will likely set a shorter course close to Putney where the wind is less violent as today’s wipe-outs all occurred in the Crabtree area. We will assess the conditions on the day and take two safety boats out (Charlie and Nick) if necessary. Start is at 12:45

Of course it is always the skipper’s risk and responsibility to decide whether the conditions are sailable or not.

One more thing: High water is going to be very high. Road flooded and possibly going into the boat house. Make sure you get a safe parking.