Downriver (!) Race on Sat 26th, Sun 27th Race cancelled

Quick highlight that we have changed the schedule for the upcoming weekend.

Contrary to what was pointed out in the schedule, there is only one downriver race on Saturday. Weather forecast for Sunday is pretty bad and two downriver races on one single weekend is a bit time consuming anyway.

The start on Saturday 26th will be at 13:00, low water at Chelsea Bridge is at 13:27
The race on Sunday 27th is cancelled.

(Winter time starts on Sunday morning. Clocks go backwards to GMT.)

31 Entries at the Merlin Rocket Open and Monsoon

(For more pictures click HERE)

With 15 Ranelagh Merlins and 16 visitors, the Putney hard was packed with boats before the race. Condition looked great with decent southerly winds allowing a almost perfect downwind/upwind course and sunny conditions. Francois and Benoit had brought the only Belgian Merlin across the channel to sail her at the birthplace of the Merlin Rocket class.

Merlin Rocket Open on Sunday 20th October

We have confirmation of 15 club Merlins planning to attend this Sunday's RTYC Merlin Open. There is one visitor coming from Belgium and word about 10 more turning up. Looks like a good fleet! Start at 14:00 with coffee and bacon rol beforehand, cassoulet afterwards. Bar will be open on Saturday night for those in need of a pre-event drink and to get the latest tips on how to sail the shifty winds at Ranelagh.

Old masts clearout - where are they now?

At the last workday we identified about a dozen masts which either belonged to boats that had long left the club or which had not been used for some time (assessment via inches of dust). There were also masts with shrouds gone or simply bent. Just in case there is still an owner we keep them for now at the back-end of the trailer park. Their numbers are counted though....

New mast storage system for club Lasers and Solos

At the Workday last weekend Nick Wilson put in place a new mast storage system for single handed club boats. Every mast has now its set location in the rear mast storage rack. This rack is now exclusively reserved for the masts of club Lasers and Solos.

The reason for doing this is because people often spent considerable time searching for their masts. Giving them a fixed location should speed up the pre-start and rigging period. Now just make sure you put them pack to where they belong!