Old masts clearout - where are they now?

At the last workday we identified about a dozen masts which either belonged to boats that had long left the club or which had not been used for some time (assessment via inches of dust). There were also masts with shrouds gone or simply bent. Just in case there is still an owner we keep them for now at the back-end of the trailer park. Their numbers are counted though....

New mast storage system for club Lasers and Solos

At the Workday last weekend Nick Wilson put in place a new mast storage system for single handed club boats. Every mast has now its set location in the rear mast storage rack. This rack is now exclusively reserved for the masts of club Lasers and Solos.

The reason for doing this is because people often spent considerable time searching for their masts. Giving them a fixed location should speed up the pre-start and rigging period. Now just make sure you put them pack to where they belong!